14093 Mill Street | PO Box 420 | Collins, New York 14034 | Phone: (716) 532-4874

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Effective 9/01/2021, there is a $20 charge per twin or larger mattress or box spring brought to the Town Transfer Station.  A ticket must be purchased from the town clerk prior to disposal.


As of 5/12/2021, Governor Cuomo extended the New York's statewide life-saving utility shut-off moratorium which expired 3/31/2021.  The Law extends the statewide moratorium on utiities shutoff, including water, heat, eletric, telephone, cable and broadband services until the conclusion of the COVID-19 state of emergency or until 12/31/2021, whichever comes first.


As of 6/14/2021 following CDC guidelines all entering the Town Hall no longer need to wear a facemask if they are fully vaccinated.  Thank you, Becky


Annual water reports:

Collins WD1_2020awqr.pdf

Collins WD3_2020awqr.pdf